Justin D

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As a part-time Real Estate agent, I have had the pleasure of working with Alex and his colleagues on numerous real estate transactions from almost every "angle" one can think of. I have been the purchaser, I've been the seller, I've been the referrer of a friend, family member, client, colleague etc. over the past several years. I could not begin to emphasize how amazing Alex and his team are. I have seen and experienced first hand, his absolute expertise of this craft, his tact, his diplomacy, his genuine care and attention to detail. I have seen Alex go above and beyond in so many situations, dealing with complex issues and unexpected hiccups with a cool disposition and level of professionalism I've never encountered anywhere else. Whether you're looking for someone with the experience and know-how to close your everyday transaction flawlessly and with a smile. Or you need a subject matter expert ready to help you through these often complicated transactions on the fly. I could not begin to emphasize enough, you cannot find a better Lawyer, or frankly a better man for the job. I will go on record in any forum at anytime, Alex and his team are the  Real Estate Law firm I have ever worked with and there's a line of referrals who would share the sentiment. Real Estate deals are for most of us, the, or one of the biggest transactions in our lives. Do not leave this important moment to any short of the service available. I assure you, Alex and his team are in the business!